MSD 39 KESHET GA'AVA 10-2003


Ra’anan Gabay

More than a hundred participants were happy to escape the blackout to sunny Provincetown at it’s nicest season. Participants enjoyed a special feeling of togetherness and empowerment. The conference was organized jointly by the Boston area members of Keshet Ga’ava, Am Tikva, Keshet and the GLBT outreach group of the Boston Federation.

GLBT Jews from all over the States and as far as Mexico, Belgium and Israel, participated in a verity of activities and workshops. The most moving and empowering workshop was conducted by a teenage orthodox Lesbian who started a Gay Straight Alliance in her Jewish high school. Her story shows that we still have a long way to come. Homophobia is live and well in the Jewish community. Yet with a firm and open mind even a homophobic headmaster can be changed.

Next year Shalom Amigos of Mexico City will host a regional Keshet Ga’ava conference. This will be the first conference in Latin America, in which the Jewish GLBT community faces severe problems. The tight social structure of the Jewish communities and general widespread homophobia make it very difficult to be openly Gay. Keshet Ga’ava can make a great change just by holding a successful and enjoyable conference. Those interested in participating or helping please contact luisito@mexis.com.

On behalf of all Provincetown conference-goers the editors of this newsletter, Drew and Ra'anan, would like to thank the entire NERC organizing committee, home hospitality hosts, and all of the volunteers for making our visits memorable.

msd39 sept/okt 2003

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